Light in the absence of eyes illuminates nothing. Visible forms are not inherent in the world, but are granted by the act of seeing. Though the world and events do exist independent of mind, they obtain of no meaning in themselves- none that the mind is not guilty of imposing on them.

My artistic practice is an exploration of contemporary human relationship with the non-objective. I am most interested in using subtle manipulations of line and shape to assemble objects and images that are aesthetically inventive but immediately familiar. I hope that through an artistic process I can reveal truths inherent to our experience as literate beings.

I am fascinated by the myriad symbols that we associate with meaning and communicative purpose. I mine ancient, modern, and futuristic art for signs of this this ever-deepening conversance with complex design, which is then placed in new and fictional contexts. The symbolic emblems and linguistic glyphs in my imagery are contrivances meant to elicit a notion of linguistic intention, though the glyphs are purposefully devoid of meaning. Through compositional arrangement and nods to true but obscure scripts, these glyphs are visual depictions of the incredible power of modern humanity to communicate via the encoding and decoding of complex patterns. Through this, I hope that I can find an indirect and organic way to connect to the viewer that lies well outside spoken or written language.

May 2015