: EcoHacker Build

In the summer of 2014 I was invited to join the EcoHacker artist collective at their inaugural Build in the Catskills of New York. During this two week residency outside the village of Delhi, a collective of artists, designers, performers, thinkers, and creators were tasked with building a “networked, semi-autonomous structure” and adding their individual talents and ideas to transform a simple building into a locus of creative endeavor. The Hut, as it came to be called, was designed by Terri Chiao to serve not only as an uncomplicated and functional shelter, but as a blank canvas—the four walls and roof were skinned with a lightweight and taut muslin fabric, chosen specifically for its utility as a two-sided screen for the five digital projectors installed inside. Each member of the group contributed to its construction.

My primary addition to the structure was to compose images to be projected on the surfaces of the Hut. I used this as an opportunity to explore the possibilities of animation in an immersive space, and to exhibit a new crop of asemic glyphs and linear scripts, arrayed with new and abstract imagery. In the darkness of the forest, these geometric tapestries shone brightly in the surrounding black, an earnest proclamation of the technological. The structure in this state could be readily interpreted as either a challenge to the shadowy natural world around it, or as a cryptic techo-mystery, carefully and deliberated situated for some undeclared reason.

My experience at the Build was stimulating and deeply meaningful, and I am continually grateful to the organizers for having me as a participant. Please visit http://www.eco-hacker.info/ to see more from these excellent human beings.