Artist Jonathan Sims.

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An Invocation at a Moment of Catclysm (2017)

Digital projection, wood, plastic, lightbulb, fabric scrim, acrylic on canvas, three color screenprint.
Flux Factory, Queens, NY

An Invocation at a Moment of Cataclysm was a solo exhibtion of painting, projection and print as a confrontation by the artist with past and future human rituals that follow a period of uncertainty and upheaval. We are in the midst of a truly globalized civilization, with more intimate communication between cultures than at any previous point in history. However, instead of uniting the disparate peoples of earth, these links have multiplied our worldwide psychic energies, and driven our collective anxieties to new extremes.

In this Invocation, common forms have been abstracted to the edges of familiarity and serve as a pathway to channel our collective human psyche. Spaces and objects that were used by past generations to engage their but existential crises are again employed in our own present moment, and with an eye towards a more hopeful future.

Viewers were asked to participate in this exhibition by supplying a question, and in return the artist sought guidance for these questions from the ancient I Ching, or the Book of Changes. The artist then customized individual prints, each with a stylization of the received hexagram. The prints were then arranged in the installation space as an assemblage of our collective intellectual and emotional energy of the present moment.