Artist Jonathan Sims.

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Song for Sickness (2020)
Two color screen print on black paper
9x12 inches

Eighty-One Skies (2019)
Three color screen print on navy paper
19x19 inches

2020 (2019)
Two color screen print on navy paper
16x16 inches

Divination Device (2018)
Two color screen print on gray paper
12x19 inches

ONAEK (2018)
Laserjet print on white paper
4.25x7 inches

One color screen print on white paper 8x10 inches

ONAEK continues to be an unorthodox engagement by the artist with the straphangers of New York City. A response to the ubiquitous KEANO Psychic Consultancy flyers, the ONAEK version uses a series of asemic glyphs to attract viewers, who can call the included number to hear a cryptic message that redirects them to find the artist via the CHROMADETIC brand.