Artist Jonathan Sims.

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An Invocation for Confronting Enemies of the Self (2019)

Lightbulb, transparency film, lenses, prisms, dichroic film, plastic, wood, rotary motor, electronics.
2x3x4 feet Washington College, Chestertown, MD

Symbols and glyphs inhabit a unique place in contemporary society--they have become increasingly abstract but our relationship with them is deeply intimate and purposed. Throughout history they have become central to the way that we perceive the world and our consciousness, and we have imbued these images with magic and immense power.

My practice is about this manifestation of psychic energy, and I have chosen light and geometric forms as the medium to convey the ineffable qualities of this most human pursuit. This piece is both culmination and continuation of over two years' experimentation with light as both medium and material. It is not only a literal exhibition of electrical energy, but an actualization of my own emotional and mental vitality. Though the symbols and designs themselves are without discrete semantic meaning, within this space they become an invocation particular to my own experience: it is a request for power to confront my own internal fears and anxieties, a personal malady that has nevertheless been shared by innumerable others.

Exhibited as part of SIGN SYSTEMS in the Kohl Gallery at Washington College.