Artist Jonathan Sims.

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Invocation for the Solstice (2019)

LED bulbs, lamps, lenses, wood, transparent film, DMX controller modules
30x30x12 inches
Flux Factory, Queens, NY

An Invocation for the Solstice uses analog projectors to engage the possibilities of additive light. Theatrical lighting equipment adds a time-based component and allows the juxtaposition of multiple geometries throughout a cycle. The shapes in the center of the piece are iconographic representations of the sun (a massive curve relative to the other bodies), the Earth (in the center) and the Moon (which is portrayed in syzygy to the other celestial bodies).

2019-12-21 23:19:00 -05:00 (2019)

Electroluminescent wire
1x1x132 inches Flux Factory, Queens, NY

2019-12-21 23:19:00 -05:00 is a single strand of electroluminescent wire extending from the ceiling to the floor in a straight line. At the moment of the winter solstice, this line will point directly at the location of the sun in the sky on the other side of our planet. This nearest star provides the energy needed to sustain all life on Earth, and our individual and collective relationship with it has been a constant for the entire existence of our species. It is natural that we recognize this with ritual and time-keeping.

Both of the above pieces were included in the exhibition Solstice at Flux Factory from December 21, 2019 to January 1, 2020.