Artist Jonathan Sims.

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The Hollow Projections (2014)

Wood, fabric, digital projection.
10x10x12 feet
Arbuckle Hollow, Delhi, NY

In the summer of 2014 I was invited to join the EcoHacker artist collective at their inaugural Build in the Catskills of New York. During this two week build outside the village of Delhi, a collective of artists, designers, performers, thinkers, and creators were tasked with building a “networked, semi-autonomous structure” and adding their individual talents and ideas to transform a simple building into a locus of creative endeavor. The Hut, as it came to be called, was designed by Terri Chiao to serve not only as an uncomplicated and functional shelter, but as a blank canvas. Each member of the group contributed to its construction.

My primary addition to the structure was to compose images to be projected on the surfaces of the Hut. I used this as an opportunity to explore the possibilities of animation in an immersive space, and to exhibit a new crop of asemic glyphs and linear scripts, arrayed with new and abstract imagery.