Artist Jonathan Sims.

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Three Stars Each (2018)

Lasercut acrylic, CNCed acrylic and MDF, LED lamps, glass lenses, overhead projector, wood.
School for Visual Arts, Manhattan, NY

Three Stars Each was an exhibition of the work designed and executed during a five week artist-in-residence program with the Visible Futures Lab at the School for Visual Arts in Manhattan. The VFL is a state of the art maker space with laser cutters, CNC routers, vinyl printers and cutters, 3D printers, and a fully equipped machine shop.

My residency art SVA was largely centered around conceptual themes related to astronomical devices, planispheres, and star charts. Primarily through the use of a lasercutter and large format CNC router, I created sculpture, modified an overhead projector, and developed three lamps that use lenses, a light source, and laser-etched acrylic to display fully analog projections. You can see a full artist talk about my time at the VFL here.