Artist Jonathan Sims.

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Tree of Heaven (2020)

Digital projection, dichroic film, prisms, wood, turntables, mirror, vellum
8x6x7 feet
Paradice Palase, Brooklyn, NY

For the last four years, a tree has bloomed outside the window of my studio at Flux Factory. By summer, a worker from the next door comes through and attempts to rip it out to protect the building's foundation. But by the next spring this tree of heaven grows back, a little thicker and a little taller. The leaves cast subtly swaying shadows and light into my studio, and the movement of the light has become a huge inspiration for me. These patterns and movement become the source of light in this installation. Reflected through multiple lenses and filters and broken into multitudes, on these late spring nights in 2020, the light fills new windows.

Tree of Heaven was part of the Holocenter’s Light Windows exhibition, a worldwide exhibition of socially-distant light installations.